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Basketball League

The NBA, More Than A Basketball League

The NBA is considered by many to be the highest basketball competition. It brings together the best players on the planet that each year captures the attention of millions of people. But unlike many other competitions, it has something that makes it stand out. Its differential element arises when it comes to commenting on the problems of society. Over the past few years, these messages have been increasingly seen, observing how different players, coaches, and even the league support and fight. Listed below are some of the causes in which the NBA has been involved.

Racial discrimination

Red Auberbach could be considered the pioneer of eliminating the differences between African American and white players. The mythical coach of the Boston Celtics was the one who selected the first African-American player in the NBA (Chuck Cooper). To this, it must be added that he got the first complete quintet of African American players. Among these five players was franchise legend Bill Russell, who was subsequently the first black coach in league history. Throughout his long career, the center has been one of the most critical of racism and one of the greatest activists in those days.

Later, another player appeared who fought for the rights of African Americans, such as Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor Jr., better known as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. The highest scorer in NBA history is another of those who, throughout his career, claimed racial equality. One of the maximum examples of his commitment to the cause was when in the 1960s, he decided not to participate in the 1968 Olympic Games (Mexico). This situation occurred because the player wanted to show his discontent and symbolize his protest for the inequality that occurred in the country towards African American citizens.

The last case

The league was not silent and united and showed their thoughts on a situation they considered unfair and on which they showed their discontent. On May 25, a new African American life was snatched away after an act of police brutality, in this case, in Minneapolis. This murder led to a nationwide protest over the events that occurred, and the NBA again spoke out.

A large number of league players have spoken about this situation on social networks, but not everything has been there. Jaylen Brown, Malcolm Brogdon, or Enes Kanter are just some of those who have decided to join the protesters and fight for the situation to change. But this position is not only taken by them, but the coaches have also spoken. Not only from the technical association but also some of them individually.