Theo Reitsma agrees to become ELB Ambassador

Photo by Benjamin de Bruijn: Frank Curiel, Hensley Meulens en Theo Reitsma

(Amsterdam)- Euro League Baseball (ELB)is very pleased to announce that former sports commentator/analyst and president of the Dutch Baseball Federation KNBSB Theo Reitsma, has agreed to become ambassador for ELB. “With a challenging road ahead, it’s very important for our organization to get the right people lined up to advise us and help us to pave the way for our future plans and goals” said Wim van den Hurk, President of Euro League Baseball.

Reitsma has been a baseball fan since he was a young boy and his experience in sports and knowledge of the game will be of great value for the development of our league.

“New developments in European baseball deserve respect and support. Players have to benefit from it and fans have to enjoy the ballpark experience. I want and will always give my best efforts to accomplish these goals.” Reitsma said about accepting the position of ELB ambassador.

Theo Reitsma was one of the most prominent sports commentators on Dutch Television from 1969 till 2002 with NOS Studio Sport, where Soccer, Athletics, Baseball and Boxing were his specialities. During his career he became the most important and respected soccer commentator in the Netherlands. Dutch soccer highlights like the FIFA World Cup Final of 1978 (lost against Argentina) and the UEFA European Cup Final of 1988 (win over Russia), are among the many historic sports moments who were covered live on National TV by Theo Reitsma.

In 2002, after 7 World Championship Finals and 8 Olympic Games (mainly Athletics) he chose to retire early, but occasionally returned like during the FIFA World Cup 2006. 
In addition he has been the President of the Dutch Baseball and Softball Federation between 1999 and 2004. Reitsma has attended multiple World Series.

In 2004 Reitsma received the Silver Nipkow Disk for his entire work. From 2008 till 2015 he worked for FOX Sports Eredivisie.


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