Kyrie Irving, Unexpected Leader: The Indomitable Player Who Intends To Boycott The NBA

Adam Silver has a plan to resume the 2019/2020 NBA season at the Disney World complex in Orlando on July 31. With no public in the stands, with the teams stuck in a kind of sanitary bubble until everything is over. The proposal, which until recently seemed unthinkable due to the virulence of the coronavirus in the United States, was supported by the players association (NBPA) after several negotiations and it seemed that it would see the light without major problems, but after the death of George Floyd everything has changed, and a group victory 996 of rebels led by Kyrie Irvingthey is reluctant to return. The reason: they believe that the league uses them to divert attention to what is truly important, which at this moment is to keep the social movement for African American rights alive.

A jester?

Irving, one of the most mediatic players in basketball, has established himself as the leader of the opposition, but his haughty character and the reputation of unstable that has haunted him throughout his career play against him. That is why many do not take him seriously and believe that he is another slapstick, a new chapter in his long history to attract attention. And it is that his talent, it must be said, is directly proportional to his bad head. Kyrie, who has had major disagreements in all the locker rooms in which he has been, is the creator of statements as sound and crazy as “the Earth is flat” and other follies that have turned him into bait for social networks. A special type, with a changing mood, who lives his day to day as a challenge and who is capable of sabotaging himself.

So much so that, in a controversial decision, he went out the back door of the franchise that made him known, Cleveland, tired of sharing focus with LeBron, and after the Celtics. He came to Boston to lead the baton, and no one in the Garden misses him anymore. In his second season with the greens, he captured so much prominence and gave rise to so many rumors about his departure that he completely unbalanced the harmony prevailing with the squad, to the point that Jayle Brown, the guard, even said that the team was not prepared “to this circus. “Now in Brooklyn, his slights and delusions of grandeur are also beginning to tire staff. Irving, a magnet for the cameras for his juggling skills with the ball, has proven himself as a player unable to lead projects with creditworthiness. Because, in his immense ego, he neither manages to fully transmit nor is he capable of making his teammates better, just the opposite of what he now intends to do by placing himself at the forefront of the battle against the leaders of the league.

“Something smells bad”

Like Louis Stevenson’s novel, Irving plays Dr. Jekyll as soon as Mr. Hyde. However, many players seem willing to follow him this time. Your speaker is important: unity in the fight for equality and justice against those who try to quell the fuss. Irving, who has been vice president of the NBPA since February, a union he now disagrees with, has already said that he would respect his colleagues if they chose to return to the arena, but he understands that the best form of protest is his. The one from Melbourne (he was born in Australia, but soon moved to the United States) does not want distractions that subtract weight from the demonstrations that are touring the country, which holds elections in November.

Irving’s attitude contrasts sharply with that of Garret Temple, a Wizards player and also vice president of the union, or LeBron James himself, who believes that as professionals, they should return to work to keep the business alive and use the force that this gives them. showcase and other platforms to make his disillusionment visible with police brutality and the Trump administration. “I don’t support going to Orlando. Something smells bad. Whether we want to acknowledge it or not, we continue to carry the black label every day since we get up in the morning,” Kyrie said to counter the theory of his peers.